Location: West End

Today was a trying day, emotionally and physically. We began the day bright and early at 5:15 and set off to hike straight up a hill in our anchorage to watch the sunrise. It was a breathtaking way to start the day, and afterward, everyone was energized and ready to prepare for our final dive on the Indians. After a brief motor to the dive site, we moored the boat and hopped in the water. The dive was incredible and colorful. After ascending to the surface, we broke down our gear for the last time and began to deep clean our boat. We sailed to West End while all of the shipmates cleaned our cabins and the galley. By the time we arrived, we had cleaned so much and so efficiently that we were the first shipmates allowed to go ashore. The reality that the trip’s end is imminent is hitting everyone, and there have been numerous group hugs. I consider myself to be insanely lucky to have spent these past few weeks with the amazing Loves’ on my boat. I’m sad to leave, but confident in all my new found friendships.