Location: West End, Tortola

This is the last day that our boat has together, but we plan to make the best of it. Right now we have our last boat race. The race is to Road Town and back to Peter Island. Then afterward we will be heading to West End, where the trip started, for the final BBQ. On the way from Peter Island we aren’t racing, but instead, we will clean the boat and prepare to leave. As I write this everyone on the boat is enjoying their last day together. After three weeks of living together, everyone is extremely close. Today everyone is ready to see their results for the IYT test which we took yesterday. Everyone is hoping that they passed, but I think the main focus of today should be enjoying the last day. Tomorrow, as our family is split apart, the only things we can bring home are pictures and memories to remember the great times we had. Nobody will ever forget what happened on this boat. I know I won’t ever forget. To all of the parents reading this, we will be home soon.