Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up pretty late today and had cereal with semi-warm milk for breakfast before we went underway. We also went for a fun dive and snorkel at Great Harbor Peter before heading out. During our snorkel dive, we saw as many as 50 moon jellies all around us, which was the highlight of the snorkeling. When everyone got back from the dives, we all set our stuff outside to dry. We made our way to West End, where we would be docking for the night. It was on our journey that we made quesadillas for lunch. Then we started our final boat appreciation, where we cleaned all parts of the boat before the end of the program. We cleaned the heads, the cabins, and the salon, and then we all got to get takeout from a restaurant on the island. Then we read out all of the quotes from our quote book, which took at least 30 minutes. We also got to cut up our action quest flag and give one strip to each of the students on the boat. Afterward, we all began signing each of the strips and adding something to it. Once that was over, we all settled down and took our freshwater showers to end off the night.