Location: West End, Tortola

Our lat morning consisted of eating all the food we have and a skipper’s meeting for our final race. After a big breakfast, everyone started packing their bags. It’s sad to see all the bags in the hull because no one wants this trip to end. Once everyone was done we put up the mainsail and got into position for the race. We were planning on egging another boat before the countdown started. As soon as everyone had an egg we heard someone say 45-second countdown on the VHF. Everyone dropped their egg and got ready for the race. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The wind was perfect and we even got up to 9 knots! It was really cool to see how much everyone has learned on this trip. Here and there Shannon would help us out, but this race was mostly run by us. We worked really well together and managed to get going pretty fast. Even Shannon said this was probably the fastest race she has ever done. In the end, we got fourth out of six boats. We’re now slowly motoring back to West End. We’re cleaning the whole boat… well, everyone else is while I write the blog. I’m lucky to be skipper today. We’re all really bummed that this is our last day. It went by really fast. Tonight we have our last BBQ then everyone is home tomorrow. This has been an amazing 2.5 weeks. date: Aug 14, 2017