Location: Bonafacio, Corsica, France

The day started off with leaving Sardinia to go to caves nearby to Bonafacio. I enjoyed the time we spent in Italy, but I felt like I saw mostly the same things in each town we visited. The caves we saw were beautiful, though, and overall, they were pretty roomy. Unfortunately, the first group that visited them were not able to swim in the cave due to boat traffic. The second group, however, the group I was in, was able to swim for a couple of minutes, and it was quite the experience. Around noon we docked in Bonafacio. After we finished docking and had lunch, we were able to explore the town. I stopped in many stores to try and experience the culture. When it came closer to dinner time, I went to a restaurant with two other shipmates and enjoyed talking with them over a nice meal. I think that when I reflect back upon my time here on ActionQuest, I will remember this day in particular because of the amazing French culture that I have never experienced before, and I hope I can experience more of it in the days to come.