Location: Sydney's Jost Van Dyke

We woke up today at six. Those of us that could wake up for breakfast ate in silence. After eating we scrambled in our cabins to find our shoes and socks that we have not yet worn this trip. After hopping in the dinghy, we met up with the rest of the dive side and sail side. My friend on my boat and others met up to do the “5-hour” hike together. Sprinting the beginning we all finished in under an hour. We all finished around 10th place and flaunted the banana smoothies we received from the bar as we made our journey down. Having reached the bottom, we indulged in the best breakfast burritos and quesadillas ever. The Blue Ventures hung out with Mambo and Boss Lady people. In just a few hours we sailed to another beach, and a sandcastle competition was held for each boat. We made a shark-tapus. Mambo won by making an awesome car out of the sand. After showering, we had a party on the beach. Today we spent the most time on land yet. We got back to the boat at 11 exhausted. It was an excellent and exhausting day.