Location: Land Ho!

After over ten days of open ocean, today we awoke to a brilliant sunrise over the craggy silhouettes of Faial and Pico, two of the islands comprising the long-awaited Azores. We anxiously waited and watched the horizon as the dark masses transformed into rolling green pastures and jagged volcanic peaks until mid-morning when we arrived in the port of Horta on the island Faial. We proceeded to spend the next several hours doing “boat appreciation,” ensuring that the hull was polished, the decks spotless and the stainless steel gleaming before docking in Horta. After several hours, pruned fingers and a shipmate or two being hoisted up the mast we had Argo looking like the beautiful lady we all know and love. With Argo looking her absolute best we docked in Horta and were able to test our land legs and spend an hour on shore before dinner. We haven’t had too much time in the Azores yet, but I can already confirm that the landscape is beautiful, the people are friendly, and there are some delicious pastries. After dinner we experienced our first warm showers in over a week, leaving us all clean, happy and ready for another day in the Azores.