Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up earlier than normal to make our way to the Baths. On our way, we enjoyed a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, yogurt, and, as usual, an assortment of cereals. We, then, finally arrived at the Baths where we learned the interesting history and saw the amazing scenery. We had fun at the Baths going through the little caves and leaping into the water. After our adventure in the Baths, we set off to Spanishtown, where we would have our first land day. In Spanishtown we had a delicious meal at a local restaurant with the enjoyment of having our phones back. After we finished lunch, we visited local stores to try and purchase some food we had missed. After that, we set out back to our boats and continued our time with our phones. Finally, we relaxed and enjoyed a pleasant sail to Savannah Bay. Tomorrow we have our first rotation day, and we are excited to see what happens.