Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up in Mountain Point and enjoyed delicious and filling breakfast burritos for breakfast. We then worked on our knot tying skills by practicing the square knot, the figure 8 knot, and the bowline, as well as learning a new knot called the sheet bend. Later we went on our second confined water dive to work on our diving skills in about fifteen feet of water. We returned to the boat for an amazing surprise when we found out our skipper Elise had made grilled cheeses for us, and we did not have to cook lunch. After we were done eating, we had free time during which some chose to swim and waterski while others chose to rest. We finished our daily activities by learning about sailing navigation. Finally, we had a freshly prepared dinner of chicken, caesar salad, risotto, and corn that was approved even by the hard to please Borja.