Location: West End, Tortola

It’s the final day of our quest, and it’s safe to say the 14 people I’ve spent the last 20 days with, almost 21, are now so close and we genuinely care about each other. It’s incredible how teamwork and a little elbow grease can make strangers come together and create bonds that will not be lost after I return home. We woke up early as the birds; 5 am. Andy, Elliot, and Kristen led us on a hike up Spyglass Point. All of us felt it was a little bit of a struggle because of the incline and rocks that would slip every time you tried to use one as a stepping stone. But, this hike was nothing compared to Mt. Sage a week ago. It was different though because we trekked up a trail and not a road. Everything I saw was beautiful and green. Lots of vines and trees assisted me up the mountain when I had a little bit of trouble. When we rose to the top of the mountain, we saw this fantastic view of all the islands. We stood on the rocks and let the view sink into our memory. Spyglass Hill is where Blackbeard hid his treasure and jewels. We climbed to the summit where we found way-points that the pirates used at one point in time. A really fast runner would stay at the peak and look out of a spyglass for ships coming after his crew. When he saw the ships, he would somehow run down the mountain (I don’t know how because it’s super steep) and warn Blackbeard. After our hike, I sailed in our last race. The winds were powerful today, so sailing was a lot of fun. We came in 4th place, but fortunately, it wasn’t last! It seemed tricky because we had to turn around a buoy. We sailed back to where we began at West End and ate a fulfilling lunch at Pusser’s. Before that, we had to clean every inch and every piece of eating utensils in our boat, so lunch was very satisfying and deserved. The BBQ tonight will be the last meal with everyone, and our last memories together. I’m looking forward to my “see you laters” and sharing my last thoughts with everyone before we depart. This has been an intense, growing, fun, and fulfilling adventure here at ActionQuest. I’m happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to do this and meet a crazy amount of really special people. Thanks, AQ! I’ll never forget it!