Location: Calvi: Amazing beaches, Fairly calm winds for today, Beautiful port city

Today was our last day in Calvi, our first stop in Corsica, a beautiful city nestled in a seaside valley. As a special surprise for the crew, we were treated to an early start for our crew to go to shore for a wonderful morning at the beach. Rugby, Soccer, Good ol’ fashioned catch, and all around beach tomfoolery abounded. The water was cool and calm, perfect for swimming and wading under the hot Mediterranean sun. Afterward, the group went back to the port, splitting up to get last glimpses at the infinitum of boutiques and shops, and stopping for some Gelato. After a quick clean up and an excellent effort from the crew to prepare for the voyage, we set off to Bonifacio, on the southern tip of Corsica. After just leaving Calvi, the crew gets some quick practice with tacking and working with the jib to learn ever more about the finer points of our dearest Argo. Some crew members were lucky enough to relax on the forward netting, laughing with excitement as the swells played with the boat, rocking us to and fro, with a jovial response from all. Later, after sailing for a few hours and taking turns at the helm and bow watch, the crew gathered to watch the sunset in a cloudless, beautiful ocean horizon, waiting with bated breath for the legendary “Green Flash,” which much to our disappointment failed to show. Bonifacio is a long sail, and we will sail onward through the night in standard watch-shift order. The sails are full, and the seas are calm, full speed to Bonifacio!!