Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The crew woke up to another lovely, sunny morning, and a quick motor farther into Mountain Point. We all got ready for the day and grabbed some bagels with cream cheese and yogurt. Today was another rotation day; we started with a Sail Chat (what we call our classes) during which Claire, our skipper, taught us some basic nautical navigation methods using charts, a Portland plotter, and a compass. We also added some new knots to our list and practiced them. We have now learned the clove hitch, cleat hitch, figure eight, square knot, and bowline. Next, we had some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, thanks to our Mate/DM, Ben! Then, it was off for a fish ID dive.

We kitted up, loaded the dinghies, and zoomed off to a reef around the island. We split up into small groups and used our Fish ID cards to find out the names of our tropical friends. We saw many Blue Tangs, Trunkfish, and the group even saw a ray, and our group saw an eel. Our last rotation was water sports time. Some shipmates went skiing and boarding, and some stayed on board Saleya to relax and hang out. Saleya is the dive boat for Sail Side A, so we store all the dive gear, and other crews dive off of our boat. We get to meet lots of new people and help out with equipment for the new divers! It’s so fun to see all of the activity and to make new friends. We just took our ocean showers – it was more of a swim because we wanted to stay in the beautiful turquoise water – and cleaned up for dinner, chicken Caesar and broccoli cheddar risotto! We’ll have squeeze; then all hang out on the boat. I am so thankful to be back at AQ and to have made a new family again. Boat life is a challenge, and it is entirely worth it.