Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It has been a fantastic journey this session, shared with some of the most incredible people. The crew of Ka Ou Fe has become a strong, supportive family capable of tackling any challenge ahead of them, often without the assistance of the staff. Everyone helps each other to learn the sailing material faster, and cooking and cleaning are a breeze. Fish has added excellent sailing experience and boat handling skills to the crew, with great support from Cade and Fiona, who often jump up to man the stations. Camilla celebrated her birthday yesterday with a cake baked by the crew. Etan and Lily went for a spectacular wreck dive on a sunken airplane with me yesterday and had some of the best buoyancy control and diving skills I have seen all summer. Nick adds a great sense of humor to the crew and often has everyone in stitches. Gemma is quickly mastering her basic sailing course with help from Jack, who is an avid sailor at home. Jack is working on his advanced course with some of the other crew, and wants to take the boat to Saba! We have quite the enthusiasm for sailing onboard. Max is excited to start his advanced diving and enjoys telling many stories of home to the crew. Landon has grown more and more confident day by day and is learning both sailing and diving well. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings!