Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

First full day! We made it! The day started with a splash (waking up from the rain). We then had a dock talk with Mike, going over some health information and overall boat and AQ expectations. When the talk also got interrupted by rain, we took off from the docks of West End and headed over to Road Town for fuel and water. While at West End and Road Town, we had a first-hand look at the destruction Hurricane Irma crafted, and a perspective as to how lucky we are to be here. After fueling up, we motored over to GHP where we jumped into the water for the first time for our swim tests. We swam six laps around the boat and treaded water for ten minutes. We then set up our dive gear, briefed, and completed our first dive, which was a checkup dive, reviewing necessary skills learned from the open water certification. After diving, we had a short journey over to the other side of Great Harbor Peter, where we showered and ate dinner. The plan for the rest of the night is the squeeze and then a possible dive meeting with the other dive side boats. Overall, today was a great day, and the boat chemistry is coming along great, and I can already tell this trip is going to be a blast! I wanted to shout out to my older sister, Daniella (for turning 21 today!) I love you so much and hope you have an amazing time in Australia! I miss you already! Looking forward to more dives and adventures.

PS. I love, and you miss you, mama and papa! (and Taylor and Dakota!)