Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a great day. We woke up early in the beautiful GHP. Eager for the day to begin, we started breakfast as soon as possible. For breakfast, we had delicious scrambled eggs and cantaloupe. Then we got into rescue training right away. What we did was a training session called exercise 7. This is when you town an unresponsive diver back to the boat giving rescue breaths. We did this until lunch. Although tiring it was very fun. Then for lunch, we ate grilled cheese. Then we got back into more dive training. But this time we did exercise seven with pocket masks. This was also very fun. After we all passed with flying colors, we relaxed and took showers. Then we started something awesome. We were lucky enough to help VISAR (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue) participate in a training session. Oscar and I went in the water as divers while others helped by pretending to have injuries on the boat. It was a lot of fun. Tonight we had summertime Thanksgiving dinner, which is by far the best meal. All in all, today was an awesome day.