Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

The day started off early with an early wake-up for a 7:00 am hike. After the crew packed up all their sleeping gear, we got our sleepy selves in Rango (our dingy) and drove to the dock to get a quick pre-hike briefing from Mike. After the briefing was done, the horde of teenagers started their ascent to the top. The hike itself was stunning. With breath-taking views and eye-catching sights, the steep 45-degree incline would feel like nothing. After 2 hours, we finally reached the top to sign a book and catch another great view. After everyone signed the book and took a picture, we started the fated journey back down. But before everyone started walking, everyone stopped by a tiny shack to enjoy a banana smoothie. Once everyone was refreshed, we started walking down. After another 2 hours, everyone successfully made it down to the bottom, where we could have lunch and shop around. The lunch spot that was the most popular was mentioned in a song by Jimmy Buffet called Cheeseburger in paradise. Although the name of the restaurant wasn’t said in the song, Mike promptly noted that he was referring to the restaurant onshore. After lunch was done, we made it over to a dock where a fleet of marine Ubers would shuttle us back to our boats. Once the entirety of AQ and GB made it back to our boats, everyone started a short sail over to a beach called Sandy Cay. At the beach, everyone participated in a camp-wide sandcastle contest. After some time passed by and all the sandcastles were finished, the judges took pictures and started the process of rating them. During this time, everyone made it over to Sydneys, where we had yet another cookout. While ashore at Sydney’s, everyone mingled between boats and shopped at highly overpriced stores for funny shirt designs and hats. Once the cookout was finished, the results for the sandcastle contest came in, with Tropicool coming in first for our design of a hammerhead shark that was eating Ashtyn. After Tropicool had won the ultimate bragging rights, everyone set up their sleeping spots and fell asleep.