Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today our captors released us and allowed us to go to the beach on Anegada Island. When they first unshackled us, we were in disbelief but this time it wasn’t just a cruel joke, and for the first time in what felt like forever, we were free! We then made our way over to a wreck called Chikuzin on our captive ship the Boss Lady. The dive was amazing until Meghann came diving with us to show us who was in charge. After the dive, they strapped us into our PFD’s, or Painful Floating Devices, and returned us to our cages and locked us in. Jellyfish.

Ok, that was fun….but here’s our day went!

Today we saw one of the most amazing dive sites on the planet! The wreck called the Chikuzin is home to sea turtles, sharks, and almost every fish you can find in the Caribbean Reef Fish Identification book. We saw almost all of those! We were all at least five feet from a giant sea turtle. This dive was super amazing, especially after our day on Anagada Island chillin on the beach. Everyone got their tan on (with sunscreen of course!), and we held chicken fights in the water. The Dolphin group has the amazing opportunity to do their second night-dive of the week. The rescue kids are super jealous! Tonight was Mexican night.