Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was just another regular if an amazing day. We started the day off with oatmeal. As we ended breakfast, it was time for me to find the courage and sail the boat to Peter Island. Along the way, we stopped at Leverick Bay again to refuel on food. We also took our rescue first and secondary aid test. Just another test, but it defines if I’m good enough to save a life. We soon sailed to Peter Island with me at the wheel. It was fun and relaxing with the sun, blue skies, and calm waves to take the boat along the water — not much wind to help us push fast, but just enough to keep us steady. Once we got to Peter Island, we did our second search and recovery die. They asked us to search in an expanding square pattern, but for Natalie and me, it was more like, oh there’s the weight belt right next to those rocks, and we ended up not doing much of a square, but more of a half-square, like an L-shape. As we ended the dive with a quick reminder to do the patter, it was time to relax. The rest of the day consisted of swimming with Harold the Pretzel, reading, and listening to music. For dinner, we had some amazing Mexican food and ended the day talking and dancing to Don’t Stop Believing.