Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Most of us on Peeps are used to celebrating today with fireworks, BBQs, and family. But here in the BVI we have a different way of celebrating, starting with patriotic bathing suits and way too much country music. We got to sleep in until 7:20am today, then had a big bowl of cereal and got ready to start the day. It was a beautiful sail, being the only boat that actually sailed today because we are awesome. We dove the Beta wreck dive sites, it was pretty amazing. After we put our gear up it was chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and swim tie for those with extra energy. We got cleaned up and went for the second dive, which was a fun dive for the Dolphins and a wreck penetration for the Neptunes. After the penetration dive, it seemed like a fun time to float with Jamal the blow-up turtle and Billiam the blow-up orca in the waves above the wrecks. We got out, zipped up our PFDs and motored to GHP where the Dolphins will be presenting their projects and the Neptunes are taking an exam to get their certifications. PFDs on the line once anchored and breakfast for dinner started. We had a special surprise guest over for dinner (Mike). Dinner cleanup is going on now and we are starting to feel a bit nervous for our activities tonight. It didn’t rain today so I am going to take that s a sign that everything is going to turn out perfectly. Wish us luck!