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 Super exciting day today, to say the least. We woke up to a yummy breakfast as usual and got ready for a brand new day of adventure! When we docked at Boda, Carl and Joakin were here to welcome us. After coffee Andromeda, it was time to travel at high speeds to Icebeam!!! This is where we got to see Maritime Archaeologists deploy and use their ROV. Seeing how big ROVs (remote operated vehicles) could get was incredible! Not only that, but I found it interesting learning about technical divers. Now that I had the chance last week to learn how to dry suit dive in extreme temperatures, I realize how different the experience would be for them. For instance, our average dive was for 40 minutes; tech divers have around 40 minutes only of bottom time. The rest of the time is used ascending and descending for a total of around 3 hours. Wow! Re-breathable tanks are what they use to make the 3 hours possible. At around, the crew headed back to Andromeda. We then set up our dinghy to operate our side-scan sonar. An hour later, we headed back up to the boat for a delicious dinner Jon made. Pork tenderloin with bacon, green beans, salad, and potatoes. All in all, I had a wonderful day and can’t wait to see it!


The amazing Wilks Chaplin