Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a fun-filled day. We made our way to the Baths at 6:45am from Savanna Bay. The Baths got it’s name from being a place to wash slaves before selling them. Today it was a playground for ActionQuesters and other adventurers formed from rocks. We climbed through and jumped off of rocks for a couple hours before returning to the boat. One of the best parts of the day was boating to Spanishtown, where we docked for lunch. This part of the day was my personal favorite part of the day because being skipper, I had the opportunity to dock and boat and pull the boat out of Spanishtown. Spanishtown is beautiful and the people are so friendly. After Spanishtown we opened the jib for the first time and sailed in open sea. We learned how to tack and use the winch handle while sailing. We quickly traveled to Gorda Sound and attached our boat to three other ActionQuest boats. The divers have another dive chat tonight and the Questers will relax and watch a film. We will stay the night at Vixen Point with the other boats.