Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Well, today was an interesting day. To start, last night was the party, so everyone was slow to get up. Soon after we woke up, we ate, and then we went to the beach. We were supposed to go windsurfing and Pico sailing, but we spent most of the time in awe at the five jellies around us. After a few minutes David exclaimed, “When I am rich and successful, I want a huge tank full of jellyfish.” After he said that I dared him to touch one, he was restrained at first and eventually, he felt it and astoundingly said that it feels like jelly. We all started to feel them and then it was time for the Carinas to dive and the Vegas to sail the smaller boats. When we were all back together, we went snorkeling with Tucker and Tom. We saw barracudas, lionfish, and feather duster plants, and of course, jellies. We went back to the boat and had showers for about ten minutes because there were so many jellies. Well, we are all so excited for Mexican night, so I have to help… bye.