Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a hilarious day. We started with an early morning dive where the Dolphins worked on their fish identifications, and the Rescues embarked on navigating in the shape of a hexagon. We were lucky enough to do a second dive before lunch, completely on our own. It was at the Chimmney’s, and everyone returned safely and on time for a delicious lunch of mac n’ cheese. Later the Dolphins took their fish identification quiz while the Rescues worked on their emergency care training. When everyone was back on the boat, we listened to an awesome mix of music starting with Disney and ending with Queen. We have concluded that we are starting a Queen rock opera that Charter will organize and I will choreograph. Later Lyndsi and I were finally able to conclude that we are not crazy and are seeing fish jump out of the water. We are all excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new shipmate, John, who flies in tomorrow night and will hopefully be here in time for the barbeque on the beach. Everyone’s energy is booming tonight which should make for a hilarious night time chat in the “hyenas den.” Love to everyone!