Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up in Vixen Point. The boats were all tied together in a raft. We had cereal for breakfast. From there we split into our two scuba groups. After we did knots with Mike. Many of us attempted monkey’s fists. As lunch was being prepared we got a warning from Ocean Star that a storm was coming in so we quickly took down the laundry some of us did yesterday. The storm passed fairly quickly so we ate our mac and cheese in the cockpit prepared by amazing Jake. We were one of the few boats to brave the rain. After lunch we cleaned up and we swam over to the beach. We played volleyball with some of the other boat’s shipmates, swam, windsurfed, and sailed. A few people went waterskiing and whatnot. Then the other boats from dive side came in. We played a game representing baby turtles hatching. You had to crawl through your relay line symbolizing the egg hatching, run to a fender, put our head on it and spin seven times, representing disorientation, then run to the water trying to avoid the staff members trying to push you over, all dizzy, representing predators. It was neck to neck but then the last person on one team tripped right before the water and the other team took the win. After we went to port, grabbed some snacks, and left the docks tied together with Vivo Libre. It was teamwork. Now we are showering and getting ready for the BBQ!