Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started as usual with some breakfast burritos cooked by our amazing chefs. We then got ready to go scuba diving, to finish our practices and then to be able to dive in open water. We are staying at Mountain Point where yesterday night we saw a massive fish jumping out of the water. So when we went diving, we saw some fish as well as a weird jellyfish. When we got back to the boat, we had lunch. Later on, some people from Blue Tide came over to learn how to do knots; it was terrific to get to know other people. We watched a movie called Morning Light. After everything settled down, we had a shower as usual and got ready for supper. We ate a delicious risotto with Mike and Kai. Now we are going to watch a movie while eating Nutella (if they still haven’t finished it while I write this). But before that, Mike asked us to choose postcards so we felt we could relate to. It made me realize, after all of my friend’s answers, how all of us can hide behind a smile when having a hard time, and that is why we should always treat people with the same love and care as everybody else.