Location: Porto Liscia

Today we woke up to the sight of the awesome rocky walls of Bonifacio and got ready to depart in our way to Italy. About 20 minutes after leaving the dock, we stopped, dropped the dinghies, put on bathing suits and went into an amazing cave formed in the coast; it was gargantuan, the sun shined through it, and we were truly awed. Then we were on our way to Sardinia. After two hours sailing the close gap between the two islands, we arrived at a small bay: we made it to Italy! We anchored and had some Caesar Salad wraps. Then it was time for the Boom Swing. We quickly cleaned up and set it up. We detached the haulier of the mainsail and attached it to the boom, following a few pulls we got the boom 30ft in the air, with another line we moved it to the side of the boat and tied a thick rope to it with a big knot at the end that reached the deck, let’s start jumping! We swung from the deck into the refreshing sea, even catching some air! Some of us tried to climb the rope, others just pulled off backflips or sunbathed in the perfect weather we had. After great fun, we took showers, played Uno and ate dinner. Now we’re getting ready for the first session of Lifeworks; we’ll see how it goes! We’re all very excited that tomorrow we’ll get to step foot on Italy!