Location: Whitsunday Islands

On the morning of day seven, the entire group woke up, some of them after a rough night of sleeping on the boat deck, to a delicious breakfast prepared by the Eureka’s own Corbie. After eating the meal, we all prepared to go for a snorkel in the most beautiful reef of our sailing trip. During our preparation, Jimmy lost a game of “what are the odds,” which meant that he had to wear a bikini and pose for a picture. Once that was over, we headed out to the snorkel spot. Many of the group returned to the boat, but Jimmy, Mia, and I stayed out a bit longer to enjoy the scenery. After our snorkel, we shuttled over to the beach to spend the rest of the morning hiking to an amazing lookout of the beach and reef. Everyone enjoyed their time spent outside. We came back to the boat for a lunch of roast beef sandwiches and nachos and then spent the afternoon lazily sailing back towards the harbor. Although coming back from the Whitsunday Islands was sad, we were all excited for our night out on the town in Airlie. The group split up for dinner, and Palmer even ventured to try both crocodile and kangaroo meat. After dinner, we spent time just strolling around the town and taking in the sights. After a long day, the group retired to the boat to watch a movie and rest up for our early morning the next day.