Location: Marina Cay

Waking up in the BVI is something I wish everyone who reads this can do. Being woken up by the sun starting to shine through my eyelids is one of the best things in life. After climbing out of the focsle I realized I was the skipper today. I woke up just about everyone with a smile on my face… unless they decided it wasn’t time to be woken up (bad idea); Casey and I grabbed the conch that we bought and put it to work. A few loud blows of the conch and a rude awakening later everyone was awake and ready to go. The chefs spent a grueling two minutes gathering the milk and cereal for everybody during the motor to “The Chimneys” (which is a dive site that has to be one of my favorites so far). After motoring for about 30 minutes we arrived and tied onto a mooring ball. As soon as we stopped, everyone put their PFDs on the line and myself along with the other advanced divers shuttled over to Southern Accent and geared up. This dive started out by plunging into a completely different world that had been growing over the past couple hundred, maybe thousand years. As we descended into the moderately shallow (40 ft.) water, we experienced the effects of shock and awe. The bottom was a beautiful and colorful assortment of coral, including my personal favorite, fire coral. As I was hovering above the bottom looking at an arrow crab I just spotted, I brushed my arm against a rather small but painful piece of fire coral.

I felt the sting immediately, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the large swim through obstacles on the bottom. After ascending to the surface I took off my gear, debriefed, and then went back to the one and only Knot Guilty. I arrived and went straight to the galley to enjoy one of the more affordable, yet delicious things in life… Ramen noodles. Staff member and skipper Andy was cutting onions with my friend and shipmate Sam. The odor sent us all onto deck with red watering eyes. After a quick laugh I reclined in the sun and took a well needed nap. I woke up, grabbed a bite, then we motored to Marina Cay to tie up to a mooring ball. After a well prepared meal from our chefs we went to the island and had a Lifeworks meeting. For some reason, I decided to dress up in a bow tie, button-down, and suspenders with some sweet shorts. After listening to the touching stories I went and checked up on the people that were crying after relating themselves to the people in the recording we listened to. We were then dismissed to the deck where we waited on dinghies and were taken back to our boats. We then all laid around and talked until we fell asleep. I love everyone, thank you for the opportunities you give me. See y’all back in North Carolina.