Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up bright and early to funky tunes and a delicious breaky of scrambled eggs and scrumptious blueberry muffins! After we had our first-morning swim and Lauren, Quinn, Jocelyn, Michelene, and Sloane attempted to do backflips off of the dinghies while the boys played a sophisticated game of cards. Then we got going! Our swag skipper Michelene took control of the helm and piloted the boat while the crew set up the sails. After some time, we ventured into a stormy squall and faced strong winds and rain, BUT WE MADE IT THROUGH!!!! We anchored at Ginger island, and the chefs Jake and Andrew prepared sandwiches for lunch. We all took a quick dip into the water to cool off, and then we continued our adventure to Savannah Bay. While sailing, we encountered yet another squall, this time, the rain and wind was more intense, so some of the crewmates went down to the saloon to hang out and nap. Shortly after, we arrived at our destination and anchored near the rest of the AQ boats. The crew then relaxed and listened to Garrisons’ flower shop adventures and Ally’s boarding school swan floatie crisis from back in the day. While the chefs prepared a yummy dinner of Alfredo pasta with hotdogs and sautéed veggies, the girls had an in-depth talk about astrology. After dinner, we took ocean showers, and then Garrison taught us another scuba lesson. Then we got ready for bed; some of the crewmates stayed up and talked about movies and their fun homelife stories!