Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up at 7:30 to the sound of roosters crowing and started the day by putting away the hammocks and sleeping pads that were out on the deck. Breakfast consisted of cereal and cantaloupe slices. After everyone had finished eating, we were assigned our roles using a chart that had a rotatable circle in the middle with numbers on it. After cleaning the boat, we waited our turn to dock and filled our two water tanks. Once the tanks were filled, we set course for Peter Island, about an hour away. The sea was rougher than usual for this time of the year, and the crests of the waves splashed onto the trampoline (Our boat is a catamaran, so the area in between the two hulls at the very front was replaced with mesh). People enjoyed dangling their legs over the bow so that they got splashed with water, but since the sea was unusually rough, everyone ended up soaking wet. It was entertaining to see people getting splashed by the waves. During the voyage, we made lunch which was sandwiches, this proved to be a little tricky with the boat moving, so some lettuce and other ingredients ended up on the deck. Once we got to Peter Island, we set anchor. After getting the anchor set, we did our swim test and then got our scuba gear ready for a checkout and skill review dive. Not too many fish were seen, but there were quite a few comb jellies. We ate our dinner of sloppy joe’s, and then myself, being the skipper, gave the squeeze question: What is your favorite color and why? We also gave what the highlight of our day was, which for me was steering the boat to Peter Island. Some people noticed that there were goats on the island, which we hope won’t make too many funky noises tomorrow morning. Well, we still have a few things to finish up and are hoping to get to bed earlier than last night.

Pictured: An early morning game of Uno; the whole group on the dock in West End; Zach and Alexander at Peter Island; the view from our new anchorage spot; the group doing their swim test