Location: Saba

As we’re all preparing for one last grand hike, I can’t help but stare out at the staircase which we would soon be climbing. A staircase that has a strong resemblance to the Great Wall of China and is vertical enough to have earned the name “The Ladder.” For 150 years after its construction in the early 1800s, The Ladder was the only means of getting on and off the island. That means that anyone that had to check through customs or bring in imported goods had to climb The Ladder. After approximately 300 stairs up The Ladder is the town of Bottom, which personally makes me think of Bikini Bottom. That cartoon image became even more vivid when a couple of crew-mates splurged on Spongebob ice cream at a store.

After walking up multiple paths, it was time to take on the big mountain. Midway up was lunchtime at a bus stop looking area where we all munched down on PB and Js, trail mix, and Pringles. The summit itself was small and cramped on a pedestal overlooking the entire island with its surrounding waters. On the way back down, we made a pit stop on top of a hill to soak up the birds-eye view of housetops and church steeples.

Back at the boat, the lines quickly became full of dripping clothes and muddy shoes, but spirits were high for shower hour with Lady Gaga as background music. After dinner was when the dilemmas of living on a boat started to show. One of the girl’s bathrooms became clogged and backed up, so the evening was spent carting around buckets of water, bleach, and paper towels. Once that was settled, I think it’s safe to say that us girls turned it into a bonding experience. The trip is winding down, and tomorrow is our last big sail, which is unbelievable. Sail on Gardner McKay.