Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started earlier for some of us – like Jake being woken up by 2:30 because one of the anchors kept dragging, and a boat was drifting out into the Drake. While he was away, we discovered a clogged head and a manual bilge pump not stowing away.
Riley called a 73 to Under Pressure, being totally stealth with his message, “We have a situation; I’m going to pick up a tank from you.” Unfortunately, that didn’t fix the problem, so as I’m sitting here, we’re … I’ll save the store for a face-to-face.
The drifting boat situation was fixed, the anchor retrieved, and when Jake came back, I said I would love to have a schedule so we’d sort of know why everybody has left and where they’re heading. Jake’s answer makes a great blog title, don’t you think?

We then headed up to Savannah Bay at a crazy 4.5 knots. After we’d put down our anchor (still hidden underneath the zests, which we later very carefully tossed overboard), we split into two teams. Team Skowronski and team Stake – except we all chose team Stake, including Skowronski. So we had a little bonding expedition in Shaka, out to guide in the dive boats into the anchorage.
All that time, Max was pumping tanks, by the way, being watched by Riley.
Later on, we had a small craft advisory, so we battened down the hatches, double and triple lined the dinghies and zests, and went to sleep aka played Uno.