Location: Underway to Nevis

Around noon, I became skipper of the boat. We were halfway through our exciting adventures. We were all pretty tired, and my night shift was about to end.

Then we began to rock back and forth as the waves picked up and splashed us and to our utmost delight, we got soaking wet!

Then around 12:10 am Camilla pointed out a flashing light out in the distance. The lights on the boat kept flashing an SOS signal. Andy ran upstairs onto the deck of the boat as we all pointed and stared as Andy and Sam steered the boat into the direction of the other boat. The other boat was a much smaller vessel and looked as if it was going to tip over. Andy talked to the man and learned that he was in dire need of help. We safely got him aboard our ship, safe and sound along with his stuff. We learned that his name was Derek, and he was very grateful for our help and thanked us greatly. We got Derek something to eat and a pillow and blanket. He was able to doze off pretty fast. At 12:35, Andy told all of us we could go to bed as long as two or three of us were still on deck. When we heard this, most of us went down below to try to get some sleep. Corinna, Brooke, and I stayed on deck. A few people got a little queasy later during the night, but overall, we were fine. As the night continued, we all just kept warm and dry until about 2 am when most of us retired down below. I went to sleep around 3 am. We sailed on for the rest of the day and arrived in Nevis at around 5:00 pm. We cleaned up the boat, had dinner, and made amazing brownies for dessert!