Location: Summer's Beach

Today, everyone woke up with hunger in their eyes. I, on the other hand, had a hunger for Dolphin’s dive for our research projects! After breakfast, the Dolphins transferred to Blue Venture while Rescues stayed on Boss Lady. Rescues continued with their navigation dives and spent all day chatting and having fun in the water. Every Dolphin was successful during their independent research dive and recorded a lot of data. After having tortilla soup on Blue Venture, we met up with the Barracuda program and went looking for sea turtles! This was my favorite part of the day. Everyone broke into three groups and searched for turtles. Though I didn’t see any turtles, I saw two stingrays, a couple of stoplight parrotfish and swam past a purple jellyfish! The three groups went back to Blue Venture discouraged until Charter, and other Boss Ladies and Gents caught sight of a sea turtle! Many ventured into the water to retrieve it, but Charter was the victorious one who skillfully pulled him (or her) out of the water. What a boss! We spent 20 minutes learning about the turtle and how to tag one. The turtle we caught was a Hawksbill sea turtle and was tagged before. After we set the turtle free, everyone went back to their boats to get ready for the beach BBQ. Everyone was so hungry, so we scarfed down some food and chilled on the beach drinking Action Punch which is the perfect mixture of pineapple juice and sprite. I didn’t get to do my squeeze question because we had dinner on the beach, but I’ll get to do it tomorrow night. Overall today was a great day. This is the beginning of the final week at ActionQuest. I know this week will be the most incredible week of my entire life.