Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

The day started off with a dive. We then sailed over to Leverick Bay where we waited an hour and a half to get our food. We then moved on to Vixen Point where Dolphins snorkeled for mangrove life and Neptunes enjoyed the pleasure of a lecture from Greg. We then went to the Beach party. As we go about our day, both hectic and satisfying we get to know our shipmates for all their strengths and weaknesses. As we learned to communicate with them we come to terms with our own weaknesses and strengths and grow as people because of it. As members of Action Quest we come to learn. Little did we know how much we’d learn about ourselves. Then, the relationships form after a week. However, a week on Action Quest seems much longer than a week back home. Being around the same people almost 24/7 can make relationships accelerate to an extent incomparable to any other experience. Within the first week, the guys had already almost become brothers and the girls a tight-knit group. I guess as a whole all there is to say is the whole crew has grown up a little and its only the first week.