Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

As skipper today, I felt very tired, everything today was very hectic, but we persevered through every challenge. In the morning, we got up bright and early so we can leave Mountain Point by 7 am; in the end, we left at 8:40 am. Our primary anchor decided that it would like to lodge itself under a ledge. After a dive, some swimming, and support from another boat on a dinghy, we set off and sailed away. We then arrived in Road Town and took our COVID tests. Yay. We got to see the other boats from afar while waiting, and I got to wave to my sister (who was playing mafia with her boat). We sailed back to almost where we were last night and anchored down. But as we were sailing, we had a conversation on things such as stuff on the boat and expectations from every person in the crew. I walked away from this conversation, knowing more about my shipmates’ perspectives of emotions and living styles. We ended the night with some sing-along and some boat theory. Tomorrow I am excited to scuba dive again and try water sports.