Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Dylan, Alexis, Julia, and Ryan woke up to Preston dunking his head in a bucket of saltwater. Followed by Dylan explaining his very strange dream, including Harley, Matt, and Preston. We motored to Coral Gardens, where we had our first dive of the day. Photographer Dylan got photos of everyone’s giant striding into the water. Natalie had the best giant stride into the water out of all of us. Rescue did their second navigation dive. Neptune dove into their first fun dive today! Immediately after, we started heading to our second dive site. Brabee finally saw her favorite fish today, a butter hamlet! Chef Harley and Chef Preston made some absolutely fabulous Kraft Mac n Cheese. After Lunch, we boated back to the spot we stayed last night to set up an anchor. Preston and Dylan secretly had the rest of the cake. On the way there, everyone got a great nap time in. Rescue then practiced some very realistic panicked diver training. Ellie was the loudest of them all, screaming “PIZZA.” While the rescue drills were going on, Neptune did some fish ID work. Before dinner, rescue did some more book work but luckily no “movies” tonight. While the rescues worked on some knowledge review, the Neptunes tried the broccoli cheddar soup and decided it wasn’t up to standards and secretly consumed some hot dogs on the bow while watching the sunset. A ziplock bag was dropped in the water, and Ryan bravely and heroically jumped in after it. We are now setting up the hammocks and cleaning up dinner. Bye!!!! Talk to y’all tomorrow.