Location: Horta Azores

Our 4th of July this year started with a delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon. We know we should be proud of our cooking when the local men docked on our starboard side look over at our family-style meal with envy. After we impressed some more people with our communal way of cleaning up, we packed our bags and headed for The Crater. I was told to continue the conspiracy of a clear, luscious, green, pasture-like view, but there was honestly about 20 feet of visibility in front and behind of you, and no indication of how high up we were through the misty fog. My favorite moment was probably when Andy decided to hop down the rockiest part of the trail. His focus was pretty impressive until he got a little too confident with himself and completely rolled down the hill for a good 45 seconds. We didn’t see any Craters like the brochure said we would, but I honestly think our hikes view was way more awesome. We were walking through a cloud raining down on everyone below us and anyone 10 feet in front of you was a Godly figure vanishing into the gray backdrop. Pictures barely do it justice, but there are pictures, so check them out. We devoured our packed sandwiches around the halfway mark, continued our adventure, and made it back in time with the choice to either visit the beach or head back into town. Everyone headed back into town. Knowing this was our last day in port before we continued our voyage to Gibraltar, we emptied the local super-market of anything half chocolaty and half cookie-y. As the day began to clear up, the girls spent their hour and half of free time getting dressed up for a dinner on shore in the spirit of 4th of July. Now the night’s closing at it usually does, with all of us on the top deck laughing and talking, again probably making that middle-aged guy on our starboard side jealous of all the fun we’re having.