Location: White Bay, Peter Island

After some 344 days of waiting to return to these painfully beautiful islands, I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve made my way back home. I’m sure returning students would happily agree with these sentiments, and I do not doubt that everyone new to the AQ experience will soon be calling this, and our most sacred vessel the Boss Lady, their home as well. As always, the first morning in Soper’s Hole was a bit chaotic, and I’m sure most were surprised simply by the fact that they had woken themselves up to begin the day at around six o’clock in the morning. No stranger to the first, generally sleepless, the night of becoming acquainted and sharing stories with new shipmates, I was not surprised when peering from my hammock at around three o’clock I could hear some people still awake. These first nights on the boat are always surreal, and in the morning I could see the wonder in the eyes of first-time students waking to the almost impossible reality of waking up in the Caribbean. After the inevitable confusion of waking up in a strange place had subsided, it was once again time for Mike’s legendary “Dock Chat” which is essentially the do’s and didn’t’s of ActionQuest. Mike’s “Dock Chat” always promises humor and a pretty solid understanding of what is proper boat decorum and even though this was my 4th time hearing the infamous “Dock Chat” I still left feeling a little bit more comfortable with my surroundings but enough about my thoughts. Let’s get down to the day’s adventure. After exiting Soper’s Hole Wharf and Marina on the West End of Tortola, we motored out and eventually began our sail to Peter Island, our current destination. From the helm, I could see Marina instructing a crash course in sailing knots (the bowline, clove hitch, and cleet knot) and soon we were able to raise our sails. During our sail, those who had never sailed before were taught the basics of tacking by Sam, our beloved bear of a skipper. Upon reaching Peter Island it was time to dive and even though it was just a checkout of basic skills, everyone was stoked to be diving again. Things slowed down considerably after our dive. Napping figures stretched across the deck as dinner was prepared. And now after a supper of Sloppy Joe’s and assorted fixin’s we await the arrival of our fellow dive side students.