Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

A little bit after sunrise, we were woken up by peaceful and lovely morning music. After everyone started to wake up from their slumber phase, we immediately start motoring over to the wreck of the Rhone. On the way over to the wreck, Ella explained the treacherous back story of the Rhone. After a very tranquil and a little rocky boat ride, we made it to the very popular wreck. We jumped in and immediately got bombarded by all kinds of fish and coral and saw some sea creatures that some of us have never seen before. We saw giant lobsters, reef sharks, and schools of different types of fish. After a marvelous and amazing dive, we got on our hiking boots and hats and started the trek up salt island, where the Rhone crashed into the big rock during the hurricane. It was a very wet and windy hike, but the view from the top was worth the wet sandy shoes. After a couple of cute group photos, we made our way down and headed back to the boat, where a delicious pot of ramen was waiting for us. After a couple of hours of chilling and filling up the tanks for our night dive, we made our way to our anchor spot for the night. We did have trouble with the secondary anchor with anchoring. We had to pull it up and move it from the original spot because we were drifting toward the rocks, but it got stuck on a mysterious object, and we had to call backup. Eventually, we got it up on the surface after 30 mins of hard work and heavy breathing and anchored for the night. We made and had an exquisite chicken caesar salad and risotto for dinner. We cleaned up rapidly and set up for our second-night dive. We had to lead Ale using our compass and navigation skills which was tough for some people in our group, but we made it back in one piece and had cookies waiting for us. I saw a group of squid and a LOT of seas urchins. We finished the fabulous day with a documentary about animals in the jungle.

Sincerely your skipper of the day