Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today we began our day with a quick and early wakeup call as we are used to. We quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, and prepared for the long hike ahead of us. We arrived at the dock, phones in hand, and anticipating the hike. Mike gave a quick speech about what was to happen. We were to hike up Mt. Sage, the highest point in the Virgin Islands. It was around 3.5 miles up steep and exhausting hills. At the top, you wrote your name, boat, and place in the hike. Sadly Saleya did not make first place, but we did, however, place 3,4,5, and 15,16. Logan made us proud of the top 3 positions. We later walked down and enjoyed banana smoothies and cool refreshments, and then the steep and long way down. We then walked throughout the town, enjoying burgers and other foods. There was even a Pusser’s there for great mugs. We then departed the town with bags full of snacks and drinks. After Saleya reassembled back on the boat, we instantly sailed off to our next destination. We arrived at the small island where almost every boat participated in a sandcastle competition. We half made a lighthouse, with the half being mostly June. After we took our photo and got judged, we went back to Saleya. We took our usual showers, jumping in and out doing tricks. Finally, we departed to Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ with a DJ. The days are slowly dwindling down, and we are enjoying every minute of it.