Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

This 15th day started early because everyone had to be on the dock at 7 am. A couple of minutes later everyone started to hike to the big Mount Sage. After nearly two hours of intense hiking, we reached the top of this mountain, and the view from that place was crazy. Everyone was really tired, but we didn’t have enough time to rest, we walked down directly. We were really happy to arrive in a small village on the seaside, in which we could finally eat excellent hamburgers! Even if the morning was exhausting, the day was not over! Then we sailed to Sandy Cay, a small island with white sand and a couple of palm trees. In this place, AQ organized a sand castle contest. Each boat had its idea to win the competition: our castle was appreciated, but another team did a huge scuba diver with sand, and they won the contest! After this amazing afternoon on this heavenly island, we sailed to Sydney’s Peace and Love restaurant, a small port in which we would spend the night. When the whole AQ program was on shore, our BBQ party could start. We ate amazing food (grilled chicken, vegetables, and fruits) and had a great time listening to a local reggae band! It is always really nice to spend a bit of time with all the AQ members!