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Ok, hey, friends. This is the first time I’m doing this blog thing so bear with me. Today Orka Tew woke up in Cane Garden Bay, popular for its ninety-degree angle road leading down to a little town on the beach. We ate breakfast after waking up very early and gathered at the dock for the big discussion with Mike. The themes for the talk was – do not get rides from strangers and don’t do anything that will get you sent home and such. We all headed up the hill that morning to go to the highest point in the BVI. We all finally made it and put our names in the logbook, waiting at the top for us. We headed down and got lunch at the many restaurants on the beautiful white beach, enjoyed the food, and some of us went into the water. The beach is like paradise. I totally recommend going to Cane Garden Bay if you make a trip. After that, we went to Sandy Cay beach and made sandcastles and got photos taken and buried Riley there. I’m enjoying my time, and everyone is too. We have finally all bonded, and Orka Tew is like a great big family of hooligans and amazing, important people. I am sad to say we only have five days left, and I’m getting ready to say goodbye to all of my amazing friends and the beautiful islands. I have made so many great memories on this trip, and I’m sure everyone else has.