Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We had an early morning of waking up at 5:30 to get ready to hike Mt. Sage. We ate cereal for breakfast and sang our hearts out during cleanup. At seven we got our phones and spending money so we could hop on the dinghy and head to the dock to talk with Mike and start the hike. We began the hike up an almost vertical road. It felt like forever to climb, but we eventually made it to the top of Mt. Sage in about two and a half hours. Me, Jack, Jaden, and Ty were the 100th people to get to the top. There was a gift shop we stopped in on our way down where we could get drinks and a snack. Many got a banana smoothie while they were there. Once we finally made it back down into a town called Cane Garden Bay, we got burgers and fries, and some even got ice cream. It was a great treat after a 7-mile hike. After we had to rush back to the boat so we could motor to Sandy Cay. There we participated in a sandcastle contest that included all the boats. We built our sandcastle based on the items we’ve lost so far on this trip. It turned out pretty cute. We find out tomorrow if we won or not. After getting our picture taken with our masterpiece, we headed back to the boat to shower. We are now getting ready for another BBQ at Sidney’s Peace and Love, and we are sleeping rafted up with all the other boats, which should be fun! During the BBQ Ty got his hair braided with beads, and it looks really cool.