Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was a busy day. We rushed through breakfast so that we could get on land on time for our hike. We all walked to the highest point of Tortola. It was tiring, but the view and the feeling of finally making it to the top made it all worth it. Once I reached the peak, I went back down to the Mountain View Gift Shop to grab a banana smoothie. Once done, we made our descent for lunch on the beach. After lunch, we lifted our anchors and went to meet the other boats for a sandcastle competition. On our way there, Jake told us that he finally learned what syllables are and how they worked. Congrats┬áto Jake. Our boat made an octopus in the sand for the contest. Then we had to rush back to the boat to take showers and go to Sydney’s on Jost van Dyke. We bought some souvenirs and are excited about the food. It was a great day.