Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

Today we woke up around 5:35 and got up to eat breakfast. We ate cereal. After we ate and cleaned up we got our money and our phones and took the dinghy to the dock in Tortola. We had a prep talk from Mike about the hike and we were off. The hike was very beautiful but it was tiring. It took me about three hours. It was around 7 miles. It was a good workout and the views were worth it. When I reached the bottom I had about three hours onshore to get food and talk to my friends and family. After we ate and had some ice cream, we came back to the boat and had a nice sail to Sandy Spit. We all took naps because we were tired from the hike. Then we arrived at Sandy Spit and had a sandcastle building contest. We made a boat out of the sand and used sticks, branches, and leaves to make the sail and helm. After we finished building it the staff took a picture and then we destroyed it. I personally thought we did pretty good. We haven’t found out about the winner yet though. Now we are sailing to Sydney’s BBQ. There is gonna be a DJ and we are all excited to have good food and have fun. Today was a fun and eventful day.