Location: Sydney's, Jost Van Dyke

Enthusiasm levels at 6:00 this morning were almost as “high” as our deep dive at the Chickuzen the other day. But after the first 45 tedious minutes of sweat and perseverance, smiles started appearing on our faces as we saw the beautiful views popping up on our hike. Reaching the highest peak in the B.V.I., Mount Sage, made us all feel like mini Bear Grylls, but luckily we ate burgers and smoothies instead of roadkill and slug juice. We had another man-vs-wild adventure as we pulled out of the maze-like anchorage, but don’t you worry-we made it in plenty of time to Sandy Key to start our mastermind sandcastle plan. All hands were on deck, or more like the dashboard, as we built the most mambolicious mambogeenie, complete with cup holders and a detailed dashboard. The sacrifice of getting sand into every nook and cranny of our mambolicious bodies was well worth it; we came in first in the sand castle competition! Well, okay, tied with Catalinaville, but that was only out of pity from the judges. Obviously. And our intense non-stop day doesn’t end there-oh no. I mean, come on, we are all mini Bear Gryll’s after all, remember? After quick showers, we made our way to Jost van Dyke for tonight’s BBQ at Sydney’s Peace and Love. Right now we are stretching out our sore muscles ready for tonight’s limbo and funky dancing to the live reggae band. So I suppose today did define the A of AQ, just like every other day. Time has also been in action because it has seriously flown by. Tonight we’re going to sleep as soundly as Nurse Sharks, ready for another gorgeous day tomorrow!