Location: Marina Cay

Today we left Mountain Point and headed off towards the Dog Islands. We sailed off anchor just to show off. On our way we ate breakfast and tried to sail through Seal Dog, but we couldn’t because it was too shallow. We then sailed onto the mooring, earning us some sweet gnar points. We dove at the Chimneys, which was an awesome dive. After getting back to the boat and taking Hibiclens showers, we set off again. The dive was beautiful, as always. The advanced divers saw an eel and got to dive around the Chimneys. The rest of us did skills beneath the ocean floor. When we left the Dogs we sailed off the mooring and got called out over the radio for our skill, earning us 30,000 gnar points. We then sailed to Marina Cay. One the way we practiced jibing with our watches. Everyone did a good job, and learned a new sail or reviewed an old one. The sail was nice and short and we arrived at Marina Cay. We sailed onto the mooring again, and in front of some other boats.

As you can see, we like to show off. We all got to port, got our phones and food, and some refreshing, delicious ice cream. Tonight we have a Lifeworks gathering with all of ActionQuest. Today was filled with showing off, gnar points, diving, and sailing- just another perfect day in the BVI.