Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hello, Isi here, the only English presence amongst hundreds of Americans. We started this morning early, and I took the helm surrounded by my trusted crew. We sailed the seven seas until at last, we reached “The Dogs” and dove on a plane wreck. Next stop was the Chimneys dive site, obviously the best as it is Melanie’s and my favorite. We set sail with our engines back to Mountain Point. Upon arrival, we snorkeled our dive site to ensure it was safely safe. We discovered a cove where some climbed the rocks pretending to be Bear Grylls. The other boys jumped off a rock into the water. After some successful waterskiing, we had supper and got ready for our night dive. I should be in the water now, my buddy Emelia is calling for me. One more thing-my happy song was played every hour, on the hour, the whole day as part of my skipper rule. It was banned by 5 o’clock.