Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Although the shipmates aboard Peeps Larou did not let the previous overcast day rain on our parade, we were still overcome with joy when today presented a warm sunny backdrop to our adventures. After breakfast, both Neptunes and Dolphins geared up to show off our handy dandy compass skills in a navigation dive. The Sand Circles dive site contained many interesting creatures, including but not limited to moral eels and parrotfish nibbling on the algae from coral. The shipmates amongst Distant Drums were gracious enough to host all of the Dolphins, and it was super neat to meet everyone in my program. I thought the love we all shared of the ocean and marine biology was inspiring, and it was magical to all be in one place at Action Quest. After a delicious lunch, we headed onto the dinghy straight to the beautiful beach. I found it extremely compelling that, as we hiked from one end of the island to the other, the ocean environment and the creatures that lived in each dramatically changed. Action Quest is unique because we learn lessons as first-hand experiences, just like our findings on the hike.